Non Toxic All Purpose Cleaner

Did you know???

That more than 9 out of every 10 poison exposures occur at home with household products?

That studies have found that levels of certain pollutants are far great indoors than out due to chemicals in cleaning and personal care products?

That there are currently 65,000 -100,000 chemicals currently on the market today that have not been safety tested?

That toxic labeling is only required if 50% or more of the animals tested with the chemicals die?

If you ask me this is SCARY!  We are exposed to so many harmful substances now days that it has been my passion to rid as many of these substances from my home as I can.  I know that you cannot get rid of everything bad for you unless you live a plastic bubble and even then you are exposed to plastic!  Ha!  But every little thing helps and I feel safer knowing the stuff in my house like general cleaners, toothpaste, makeup, hair products, air fresheners, and laundry products aren’t contributing to my families toxic overload and that when my daughter if my daughter happens to get a hold of a cleaner or air freshener I won’t have to call poison control!

So I am going to share my recipes in a series here on my blog and the first one is:


All Purpose Household Cleaner

2 Cups Distilled Water

1-2 Tablespoons Thieves Household Cleaner (where to buy)

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

4 Drops YL Purification Essential Oil (where to buy)

2 drops YL Lemon Essential Oil (where to buy)

4 drops YL Essential Oil  (where to buy)

Combine in and empty spray bottle and shake before each use

I love this cleaner.  It has tons of uses and smells great!

I use it for:


~Floors (Wood and Ceramic)

~Mold and Mildew

~Toilets and Showers

~Mirrors and Windows

~Walls and Furniture


~Anywhere you need something to clean!  Its an awesome cleaner, its safe and non toxic.

This information is for educational purposes only.  Statements are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure and has not been evaluated by the FDA.