What Are Essential Oils?

– Natural, Plant-based Medicine

Essential oils have been around since the dawn of time—because essential oils are made from plants. The oil is the life, or essence, of the plant. It’s been likened to the life-blood of animals and humans. It’s what gives plants their fragrances and their ability to fight diseases, heal themselves, repair damaged tissue, rid themselves of toxic substances, and survive!
The smell of fresh cut grass, the sweet aroma of a bouquet of roses, the distinctive smells of honeysuckle and tomato plants in the summertime… these scents come from the essential oil of the plant.
What’s more is that this essential oil is able to be captured in its most viable form through steam or cold-pressed distillation methods… and these oils have incredibly amazing medicinal and cleansing properties!
Here’s a small list of some of the medical properties that many of these oils possess: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-parasitic, anti-tumoral, antidepressant, and so on.

How are essential oils different from other natural medicines like herbs and tinctures?

– More Life. More Effective

Essential oils from plants differ from dried herbs and teas in that a greater amount of life-giving properties are extracted through distillation than are through drying and creating herbal capsules or teas. (However, there is a place for this process as well… it’s also an age old method… but it’s not considered as potent or as precious of an end product as that of essential oils because the “life giving” part of the plant – the oil – is much less viable after the drying process.)
Once you’ve used true, pure, non-diluted, unadulterated, organic essential oils and seen how effective they are… you’ll never go back to the synthetic medicines and chemicals! In fact, for so many of us, using essential oils has been a catalyst for changing over other areas of our lives (or at least a stepping stone on our path to living more naturally).

Are essential oils safe?

– Yes. Generally Regarded as Safe.

Essential oils have been used in their purest form for thousands of years. There are records from Biblical scholars, Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, and Ancient China that document the uses of essential oils throughout human history.
In recent history (the last 150 years) there have been several schools of thought emerge on usage of essential oils. Traditionally, they were used internally, topically, and through inhalation. Because of adulteration of oils by many essential oil companies, there has been some negative coverage of essential oils as a whole. Unfortunately the failures of a few can shed a negative light on the whole industry.
Young Living oils are different. (See the “Why Young Living” page for why). Because of the fine treatment of these oils from the first seed in the ground to the last seal on the bottle, Young Living oils are safe for internal, topical and inhalation purposes.
Many of the oils have been approved by the United States F.D.A. as “food grade” and even have “Supplement Fact” labels on the back of the bottles. They are also safe for topical usage. There is a great dilution chart that shows what dilution ratio (if any) an oil needs when used topically. (Found in the Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishers).

What can essential oils be used for?

– Health & Wellness. Bath & Body. Household Natural Cleaners.

Essential oils can be used for most any health condition you can think of. The reason why is that they don’t just treat symptoms… they cleanse the body and all of it’s systems at the cellular level to heal the body from the inside out. Often while taking or using essential oils people will see many other improved health benefits they weren’t expecting.