DIY Fleece Area Rugs


   I looked for for the longest time for a rug that I liked for our living room, but never really found one that I loved.  So I decided to make one.  And while I love the way this one and the others turned out, it is not a project for those who like get […]

Black and White Kitchen Remodel


This past weekend marked two years that we moved into our house.  One the many projects we have done was remodeled our kitchen.  We installed new oak flooring in the dining room and kitchen to match the original hardwood flooring of the house, ripped out the header, put new texture on the ceiling, installed new […]

Chrome in the Rough


During one of my weekly trips to the thrift store I came across this pretty hideous light fixture.  It made me wonder who actually had this hung in their house and what the house was made of cause it was heavy!  My hubby happened to be with me and I had him come look at it. […]

Aluminum Flashing Headboard


Happy New Year!  Its been awhile since I posted, but I am back and ready to share more fun projects with you.  This a headboard that my awesome hubby created for me.  It is made out of the rolls of aluminum flashing that you can buy at Menards or Lowes, at least that is the […]

Retro Christmas


Here is a snapshot of my Christmas decorations:   Star made out of a Coke can Linking to these fun parties:Skip to My LouThe Girl CreativeSumos Sweet StuffTodays Creative BlogTip JunkieSomeday CraftsHouse of HepworthsSomewhat SimpleFireflies and Jellybeans

Recycled Pop Can Wreath


I don’t know about you but I love Christmas!  Which is why I am one of those crazy people who already has my tree up.  Granted this is the earliest I have ever put it up, but hey I want to enjoy it for awhile.  A couple years ago I wanted a wreath for my […]

Metal Flowers


My husband bought me a dozen roses for our first date, but left them in the car on a cold December night in South Dakota.  So needless to say they froze and wilted the next day.  I told him he didn’t need to buy me flowers anymore since they don’t last.  So every once in […]

Upcycled Tiered Fruit Stand


I got this colander and jello mold thing when my grandma passed away.  I have always loved old aluminum kitchen things.  I wanted to make something out of them so when I came across a cake pan at the thrift store, a tiered fruit stand was born.  My handy hubby connected the pieces for me […]

Record Album Reuses


I have always liked old records, 45’s, 78’s, 33 1/3’s.  Not necessarily for the music on them but for the fun things that you can do with them. Here are some ideas: Inexpensive Photo Gallery I originally picked out some frames for this wall but after spending $90 on them I took them back.  As I was […]

She Did It Anyway


For about a year and half I have wanted to start a blog.  I love looking at other blogs and dreaming about doing my own.  I have always had a creative spirit and knew I would have lots to blog about but my perfectionism always held me back.  What if people think my writing is […]